Friday, 26 February 2016

25 Steps to Beating Porn Addiction

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The porn industry is worth $97 billion worldwide and it is estimated that 68% of men watch porn at least once a week - although many experts believe that figure is conservative. While there’s little doubt that porn is ubiquitous, the issue that is often overlooked is the negative impact it has on men’s health.

Men who view porn compulsively have complained of symptoms of depression, anxiety, and even erectile dysfunction. And there is a real risk that men are more likely to develop a porn addiction due to the ease with which they can access it online.

Fortunately, a new survey by Stop Procrastinating, the website blocker, asked 2000 ex-porn users for the strategies they used to overcome their porn addiction.

A majority of men responded saying that they had succeeded because they formulated a plan and had the belief that they could beat their porn addiction.

Another major motivating factor for giving up was the realisation that watching porn was having a negative impact on their lives, damaging relationships, their health, as well as reducing their concentration and memory.

The survey provided a powerful blueprint of how to give up porn. The ideas and solutions had been tried-and-tested in the real world by real men. It was a unique and compelling survey because it show what really works.

Stop Procrastinating has put the results of the survey into possibly the most comprehensive guides to beating porn addiction on the web. They have also created an infographic of the full results, which you can view below:

Courtesy of Stop Procrastinating – Guide to beating porn addiction.