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Reclinin', dentures, pot-bellies & "wdhamrg?"
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Getting out of Isolation and connecting with others is an important part of recovery. This board is for non-addiction related threads, where members exchange jokes, have fun - and drink Lechayim Together!
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TOPIC: Reclinin', dentures, pot-bellies & "wdhamrg?" 120 Views

Reclinin', dentures, pot-bellies & "wdhamrg?" 14 Sep 2018 13:38 #335501

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A thread for the old-timers to catch up with each other. At our age, it's difficult to sift thru all the other threads (as important as they may be), and it's not like we don't wanna join in and help out, or even lend a helpin' hand, or just welcome and kibbitz with the newbies, but sadly, we feel out of it. Poppin' in and out every four months just to say, "welcome, you've come to the right place, it saved my life or my wife, there's a lot of help here - as long as you do or don't do such-and-such," we feel silly. But we do wanna give back here and there (which # step is that again?), so we figured that the best way is for us to have our own thread and we will post here about our lives, grandchildren, share pictures of the boardwalk (of course with our eyes, there is never anythin' to look at anyway) and perhaps, if someone else reads some of it, they'll say, "Hey, this is a guy who speaks my lingo (is that still said?) and you'll drop us an aol chat thingy, or however one chit-chats nowadays. There are no rules for this thread. It's not like you need to be over 45 (check), 3 years on gye (check), sober for more than 1,800 hours (check - I think), but if you consider yourself a rockin' chair type of guy (Are the gals still here, "hey edith, do you still have an account on gue?"), remember what underwear Joe namath advertised for, still get a thrill when watchin' the rerun of Grace Kelley (or was it Susan Hayward) tellin' Clark Gable (or was it Humphrey Bogart), "toots, I've got a feelin' we're not in Arkansas no longer (or was it Texas?)," then you're in. Tell us about your struggles (where da hell are my readin' glasses?), your triumphs (actually rememberin' what you ate for breakfast), or whatever tickles your fancy. Subscribe to this thread (ha, like you know how to do that), and who knows, maybe a Kentucky bourbon may pop in for a cameo appearance, a cuddly teddy bear from the Midwest, or who knows? Let's see where this takes us. I'm just acquiessin' to a few old f@$&s (can we say farts on this site? - in rage's days, everythin' was muttar - battlin' 7up on the tarmac was epic!) who sadly can't lust even if they wanted to, I mean they could, but whatever. 

Ok, Dov (is he stillI lurkin'?) is gonna kill me for such a long paragraph - that is if his clients don't kill him first, as he is currently tryin' to keep his pants hitched up to his armpits, as he's rollin' in laughter), but take care guys. Till next time.

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Re: Reclinin', dentures, pot-bellies & "wdhamrg?" 14 Sep 2018 15:08 #335505

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Gee! It's been so long. When did they change the look on the forum?
I don't really feel like an old fogy. I actually got alot younger since finding my way to GYE. All the introspection and work ended up making life much more enjoyable. 
I guess all the woodford helped as well 
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Re: Reclinin', dentures, pot-bellies & "wdhamrg?" 14 Sep 2018 15:18 #335507

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Re: Reclinin', dentures, pot-bellies & "wdhamrg?" 14 Sep 2018 15:31 #335509

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Did someone say TZ? And how's my Brooklyn Dodgers been doin lately?
Free Choice?!
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Re: Reclinin', dentures, pot-bellies & "wdhamrg?" 14 Sep 2018 15:38 #335510

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Hey! As the creator of the haiku thread I feel compelled to share this

In other news all is well, kids are older, I need reading glasses and every year it's just a little harder than the year before to get up after va'anachnu korim.

And still learning a bit more about myself every day.
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Re: Reclinin', dentures, pot-bellies & "wdhamrg?" 14 Sep 2018 16:48 #335511

Wow, what a collection of old timers, and on an erev Shabbos to boot!? Doesn't anyone have anything to do? I know I don't. Only job I've had in the past seven years was monitoring the teens section. Does that even exist anymore? Anyone see me3 around?

A gitten shabbos yungachin
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