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The #1 thing that helped you win a clean recovery
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If you've made progress - thank G-d, double your merit by inspiring others as well! Post the tips and advice that worked best for you in your journey to sobriety or tell us about recommendations you heard from others that work.
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TOPIC: The #1 thing that helped you win a clean recovery 1549 Views

Re: The #1 thing that helped you win a clean recovery 26 Dec 2019 06:46 #346239

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believe it or not ,as grateful as i am to gye ,  but by just staying away from gye for extended periods  has helped me alot,sounds crazy( and maybe sad), but true.
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Re: The #1 thing that helped you win a clean recovery 30 Dec 2019 21:06 #346403

  • DavidT
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The key to beating any addiction is to remember that you want to break the addiction. Those two words are critical: “you want.” You can help yourself resist temptations by reminding yourself that stopping addictive behaviors is for you, and that you reallywant to stop.

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work to try and break an addiction for someone else. You have to really really want it.

The second part is reminding yourself, especially in the heat of the moment, of what you really want. What you really want is to be clean, not to engage in the addictive behavior.

Visualization is another great tool you can use. Sit in a comfortable place. Take a deep breath, and close your eyes. Imagine yourself having the temptation. Really see yourself, feel the feelings, as if you really were having those temptations right now. Now see yourself withstanding the temptation, getting up, doing something else. Feel how wonderful it feels to be clean and victorious. Do those visualizations a few times a day—maybe every hour. You’ll be training your brain to derail your addiction.

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?"
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