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Help Heal Abuse

by the.guard (See all authors)

One of the girls on GYE's women's side of the mechitza suffered terrible sexual and emotional abuse as a child and was advised to leave home by Rabbanim and therapists when she got older. She is now living alone and struggling to pay for therapy and to get by. She recently wrote me the following:

"I was wondering if you can post this link for me on the GYE men's forum somewhere? The women can't post on the men's forum and the men's forum is a lot busier, maybe between all those men someone could help?

I'm in a really stuck place and, because of the sensitivity of the situation, I can't just forward it to my friends. But with all the thousands of fundraisers, who would notice mine?

I am so overwhelmed... I paid 100 dollars to have my campaign verified so that people will see that it's legitimate. It is awful to be in this position, feeling so shameful and like a taker. I am stuck and feel so trapped. I hope that soon things get better."

And after I asked her if she is getting any help from, she replied:

"Yes, Amudim is helping me and has been helping me for a year. Amudim helps me with $112.50 per session through a sexual abuse grant, leaving me with the rest of the bill (about 50%). I appreciate it more than words can describe, and it makes the therapy affordable. At the same time, being that I live on my own and pay for everything on my own, my money ran out and now I am penniless and in debt. I can no longer afford the remaining $$$ per session. I can't even afford to buy myself a new pair of shoes. I have 11 dollars in my wallet and 43 dollars in my bank account.

"I need a job that I can keep down but I've been feeling so overwhelmed and depressed... Amudim is the most incredible lifesaving organization and one day, when I am in a healthy place and earning money, I plan to give every last bit of my ma'aser to that organization. They are malachei Hashem!"

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