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Win by Not Fighting

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 24 January 2012

An addiction, by definition, is something that controls us. We can not ever dream of controlling it. We are fooling ourselves if we think we can win a battle against it.

If a big bully comes toward me, a guy I know is too big for me, too strong, I'll NEVER overpower this guy, I have two choices aside from fighting a losing battle. I could lower my fists and let him cream me. Or I could lower my fists AND TURN AND WALK AWAY. Surrender doesn't mean I have to get beat up. Surrender means I can CHOOSE NOT TO FIGHT! I can walk away from the confrontation. "No, sorry, not today."

That's how you really WIN. By NOT fighting.

A Mouse-click away is a picture that once you see it, you'll want more and more until you can't help but fall. DON'T FORGET YOUR ADDICTION / DISEASE (allergy to lust) and think you could handle that click and pull away from the battle before it's too late. YOU CAN'T.

JUST SAY NO to Drugs-of-Choice and walk away from engaging the enemy. And then he'll LOSE.