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The urge will subside

GYE Corp. Sunday, 06 May 2012

I would like to share with you the advice of someone who recovered from a strong po-rnogrophy addiction. Every person can find the ways that work for them. If a person is determined, he will succeed. And each success story paves yet another spiritual path that others can learn from and follow. (If any of our members have tips that worked for them, or stories of recovery to share with us (anonymously of course) , we would appreciate if you send them to us so we can strengthen others!)

Note: Some of the tips below are only for those who are seriously addicted and are just starting out on their journey to recovery. However, even those who have made good progress can still learn from some of the ideas below. Here's what he writes:

Some practical advice for those who struggle with this problem.

1) Understand that this is an addiction - like cocaine. However, also understand that you're strong enough to break its hold over you.

2) Decide to make a stand! To fight it, and resolve to never give up - even if you slip up once in a while. If you look at it like eating pork, and how it defiles you - it will help to galvanize your will.

3) Take each day, one at a time. Don't worry about next week. Don't even think about tomorrow. Just push through the day. You can go weeks, p-orn free like this. It gets much easier after the first few weeks, but beware, the urge can become seemingly overpowering without warning - no matter how long you have been pure. Just push through it. Don't give in! Focus on some other important topic, and in a few minuets the urge will subside.

4) Important!

Step A: Take all of your downloaded pictures of pretty females, and burn them to a disk. Label it 'corrupted old programs'.

Step B: Delete all of the above pictures from your hard drive. All of them! (And resolve not to visit any more p-orn sites. A filter will help. One reason for creating the CD, is that most addicts will never be able to get rid of the p-orn without having first made a copy.) Now if you feel the urge, these photographs/vids will not be a mere mouse click away. You will actually be forced to take the time to search through your cds, select it, and then place it in your drive. This will not be whimsical act - a quick peek, but rather a deliberate action on your part to break your holy vow. This gives you the needed time to reconsider your actions.

Step C: Throw away your training wheels. When you have gone one month without looking at po-rnograghy, destroy the CD that contains your pictures.

5) You're free! Now resolve to stay that way. The above advice worked for me.