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The Test is Not Always What We Think

"SilentBattle" encourages someone who had a fall at day 89 and thought he had lost everything:

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

Have you destroyed what you worked for in the last 89 days? Well, the chofetz chaim says about lashon hora that if someone restrains himself from speaking, even for a minute, he gets access to a spiritual light that even the angels cannot fathom. That's even if he can't control himself, and after that moment, says the lashon hora!

It would seem to me that in our battles, the same would apply - I don't see why not. So even an instant of restraint, of waiting, of beating the yetzer hora, is a huge victory, worthy of celebration. 89 days? No one and nothing can take that away from you.

You fought a long battle, and that's tiring - and now, after having spent so much time and effort, you probably feel drained. But maybe that's your test. Up in heaven, your test wasn't the last 90 days. Maybe Hashem said that you're stronger than that - He knew that you, Reb Yid, can do 90 days. But what if you're pushed down and you fall? That's the test. Will you have enough strength to get up again?