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Take-Mode or Give-Mode?

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Here's one thing that came to mind recently, inspired by DC's call (but it's my own musings):

When I'm outside, why is it so hard to guard my eyes?

I think it's because I go on "TAKER" mode as soon as I step outside. "I'm gonna take, I'm gonna look at whoever there is to look at."

I'm trying to be more aware of this. As Duvid Chaim says, being a "GIVER" is supposedly the remedy. But, I'm not sure yet exactly how to carry this out practically.

One thing I can do, is at least try not to be a TAKER.

But, what can I GIVE? One thought that I've started to work on is, that by not looking, I am GIVING these ladies respect, dignity and privacy. Sure they're outside, but that's not a free ticket for everyone to stare at them. (Sort of like if you see a guy on a wheel-chair. We understand that it's a breach of his dignity to treat him like a spectacle.)