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Things to Consider

A GYE members shares some chizuk:

the.guard Monday, 15 February 2021
Things to Consider

Here are a few interesting things I've been thinking about to keep myself inspired, and I wanted to share them:

1) Imagine walking around and everyone in the world knows what you are thinking. You would make sure not to see or think anything bad. Well, guess what? In just a few years, everyone will know what you are thinking now, because you'll be up in shamayim - and everyone there knows everything! You will have to look them in the face. This includes your kids and most of the people that you interacted with in life. Hold back now to save face later!

2) Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking into the Beis Hamikdash when Moshiach comes. Are you walking in to bring an Olah or Shlamim, or chas vishalom a Chatas or an Asham? That depends on what you do now. Imagine saying vidui over the korban. You will have to say aloud what you did in front of everyone! If you hold back now, that is ONE LESS THING to be embarrassed about.

3) The gemara in Kiddushin (bottom of :לט and top of .מ) says that someone who holds back from doing an aveirah gets rewarded as if he did a mitzva. And the Gemara adds that when a person holds back from znus, he is even worthy to get a miracle happen for him!