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Polish My Shoes

GYE Corp. Friday, 25 May 2012

Suppose I were to call one of you on the phone and say the following:
Hi, here’s what needs to be done today:
First wash my car – scrub it well and rinse thoroughly.
Next, my shoes need a perfect shine – make sure to buff them evenly.
Third, my laundry needs to be done today. Make sure to fold everything neatly.
You get the picture.
Your response would probably be one of the following: Since when am I your slave? Or, how much am I getting paid?
But, how many of you would say, “sure, no problem – is there anything else I can do for you?”
Yet, how often do we simply say “yes” to the y”h?
How about the following approach? Listen, y”h, I don’t work for free. You want me to look at Pritzus? No problem. My fee is $100 per minute, payable in advance. You can put the cash in this manila envelope. If you’re not willing to pay me, then go bother someone else.
So, next time you feel weak, ask yourself: why should I work for free? And, if you’re still tempted to give in, remember: my shoes could use a good polishing!