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Nothing to fear but fear itself

the.guard Sunday, 22 March 2020
Nothing to fear but fear itself

The Maharal (Chidushei Agados Bava Metzia 33.) teaches that when a person is afraid of poverty, he will become poor. The Maharal explains,"By being afraid of poverty, a person is subjugating himself to poverty, and this causes the poverty to rule over him."

The Maharal proves this with a comparison. A man is trying to walk on a beam. If the beam is on the ground, he will be able to walk on it. He won't fall off. But if it is over a river, he will probably fall. This is because he is afraid, and that causes him to fall.

The same applies to the Coronavirus. The fear itself can be more dangerous than the virus! Let us trust in Hashem and believe that He is in total control and only has our best interest in mind at all times.

Member "Bigtzadik57" responded:

Very nice, thanks. I'm thinking that the lesson of the Maharal may also help in getting myself clean from lust, because as long as I feel weak I will fall, but if I am not afraid and feel that I won't fall, then I won't!