Thursday, 22 March 2012

Not giving up IS winning

Battleworn wrote to someone who kept experiencing falls and felt that he was "unworthy" to continue posting on the forum:

by Battleworn (See all authors)

I'm sorry if you weren't warned, but the fact is - this forum is a one way street; there is no leaving! This is a club of fighters, not winners. In truth, we are winners, because not giving up IS winning.

When the angels claimed that the Torah should be given to them and not us, Hashem answered "Do you have a Yetzer Hara?" R' Tvi Meir says that we learn from this, that the bigger your y"h is, the more you have a right to Hashems holy Torah! It's a very big zechus for us to be associated with you. And anyone who doesn't let a fall get him down is guaranteed to succeed!