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Never "in full control"

GYE Corp. Friday, 04 May 2012

Posted by 'Mevakesh Hashem' on the forum:

One who thinks that they are ever "in full control" is opening himself up for a nasty fall, as the Yetzer Hara is a lot stronger than you!

One must ALWAYS realize that they are never "in full control", rather they are in the control of Hashem Yisborach! Then, and only then, does he have a chance of overcoming the Yetzer Hara, as Hashem is of course stronger than the Yetzer Hara.

Chaza"l say:Ytzro Shel Adam Misgaber Alav Bechol Yom Veilmalai Hakadosh Baruch Hu Ozer Lo, Aino Yuchal Lo. Translation: "The evil inclination of a man strengthens himself upon a man each day and desires to destroy him, and if G-d wouldn't help him he would not be able to defeat him"

We have to realize this. We have to believe this. We have to internalize this. Then we will be able to experience it and see the Yetzer Hara fall once and for all!