Sunday, 22 January 2012

Just One More...

by Yuro Jew (See all authors)

I had a chiddush this morning on the concept of "one day at a time".

The meforshim explain that Teshuva should mimic the form of the aveira. For example, if you ran to do averios, then run to do mitzvos, if you sinned with your money, do mitzvos with your money, etc.

Well, I'm sure many of you are familiar with the phenomenon where we're looking or reading something we know we shouldn't and we tell ourselves, "okay, just one more picture, video or story and then I'll stop". After the second, third, fourth, etc. we keep on telling ourselves the same thing. "Just One More." Eventually, maybe fifty or hundred later, we stop.

Maybe we should try to use that same thinking in recovery as well. "You know, it's hard to recover, so I will just stay clean for one more day" (or if really hard, one more hour) and then I'll stop"... And just keeping on telling yourself the same thing after the second, third, fourth hour/day. If we keep it up long enough, G-d will have to help us and we won't stop even at fifty or hundred!

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