Thursday, 22 March 2012

Gems in the rough

Some Gems from Shoshana (an old time 12-Stepper)

by Shoshana (See all authors)

  • The miracle is in process at this very moment!
  • It is more useful for me to be aware of one short coming in myself, than realizing a thousand in someone else.
  • Happiness is not ready made, it is built through our actions. I know that true happiness comes from Hashem - and it comes from within. It is achieved by taming the mind, for without taming the mind there is no way to be happy. It is like "self-will" run riot!!!
  • When I start to think that I don't need a meeting or I can let my guard down, I know that it is my disease talking to me. Cunning, baffling and powerful.
  • When I walk outside and see a butterfly on a gorgeous sunflower, I know who really runs the show! Praise be HaShem!
  • HaShem nudges us to perform Mitzvah's. When we ignore this, we ignore Him.
  • I have a large flower garden here. Every time I walk out there, I thank Hashem many times in succession! We must celebrate!! It is a great day to be here on the planet!
  • "Once is too much, a thousand times is never enough". I praise HaShem in helping me to stay humble today and with my head down when need be. For I know that I am worthy of all the best He has for me. When the difficult moment passes, I hold up my head in love.