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Beauty of love of life

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 09 May 2012

Someone wrote the following on the forum...

It has been a long and difficult few months with the struggle to overcome the addiction, but I have seen my own progress and awareness mature, and have recognised that there is will power after all. Not long ago I did stumble and loose concentration whilst on the Internet, but I have made the decision not to despair. I regret the fall very much, for many reasons, but I would rather concentrate on the opportunities that lie before me, in the near future and onwards. I am excited about making the necessary changes, even the more subtle and personal ones. I am on the road to recovery, and the discovery of who I really am is exciting.

Keep looking for the beauty of love of life, there is always hope! May Hashem please forgive my most recent lapse and help me with my recovery.


Three things we can all learn from this:

1) There is will power after all!

2) There is no such thing as despair. Focus on the opportunities that lie ahead, not on the past.

3) The road to recovery is not just about a struggle. Rather, it is a road to maturity, personal growth and the discovery of who you really are.