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Using Chanukah Correctly

GYE Corp. Thursday, 22 December 2011

Chanukah is a great opportunity. But like every great opportunity, it needs to be used correctly. We need to be vigilant. There is more leisure time, there are parties, schools are closed, we travel more, etc.... We need to remember that lusting after anyone is a problem, regardless whether it's a relative or friend. If I go to a party, I need to find a seat that does not face the women. I need to make sure not to spend time in a shopping mall, just taking in the scenery. I need to keep asking for Hashem's help in staying out of trouble.

On a positive note: Lighting the Menorah is a very special Mitzva done at home with the family, in an atmosphere of warmth. It's an opportunity to fixate our eyes upon the light of a mitzva and to cleanse our eyes to some extent from wrong images we may have viewed. It's a time for extra davening and singing; a time to connect with family and friends; a time where the light of kedusha descends to places where it normally doesn't reach, and it can uplift souls who have fallen very far. It's the story of how a small little flame can dispel the deepest and darkest nights.