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Handing It All Over To Hashem

A desperate struggler writes on the forum:

GYE Corp. Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Gemara in Shabbos says that the oils and wicks that you can't use on Shabbos can be used on Chanukah (cuz we don't worry you'll fiddle with it). So the Chassidim learn from this that if a person cannot be inspired and motivated by Shabbos, he can still be inspired by Channukah.

This made me think: what do Shabbos and Chanukah have in common? And I thought: On Shabbos, we rely entirely on Hashem. We don't work. We don't buy things. We are completely dependent on Hashem. Which is really our goal in SA (12-Steps) - to be entirely dependent on Hashem. And on Chanukah, it's the same. That's what the Chashmonaim were facing. They had nothing left. They were the weak and the few, and they had no hope whatsoever but Hashem.

After continuous falls, I really feel like I've got nothing at all and I'm at ground zero. And like a spoiled child, I have been left with no choice but to completely hand over everything in my life to Hashem and hope he takes better care of it than I have.

I pray that he provides me the peace of Shabbos and the miracles of Chanukah and helps me out of this mess of a life I've created for myself.