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That very day

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 09 May 2012

If there is any time of the year to get help from Hashem to break free it is Purim, when all who ask are given.

One case in point is our Feature Story where the writer writes as follows:

One Purim, some eight years into our marriage, I got drunk. I was reading Psalms and I cried and cried to G-d like never before, to help me out of the bottomless pit I felt I could never leave. That very day, my wife was browsing through pictures we had taken from Purim on my computer and she happened upon pictures of porn. She confronted me that night about it and I felt that the time had come to tell her all. I was expecting that when she heard my whole story, and how young I had started doing these things, she would accept me for who I was. But G-d had heard my cries that day and had determined otherwise. My wife reacted with disgust and anger, albeit with some understanding as well, but she cried for days. My wife refused to accept that this was who I was and that this was who she had married, and she forced me to re-examine that which I had already give up on ever conquering. Broken, threatened with divorce and yet not believing I could ever stop, I had finally "hit bottom". I wrote to the renowned religious psychiatrist, Rabbi Avraham Twersky...etc...

The writer goes on to detail his long journey to recovery afterwards, but the point is that it all started from a broken heart ON PURIM.