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Raise your level of Yiras Shamayim by 70%

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 08 May 2012

In the merit of the Yartzeit of the holy Ariza"l today, may we all be strengthened in areas of Kedusha. And as one member pointed out, Bein Hametzarim (the 3 weeks) is a time of Teshuva as it says in Aicha: "Kol Rodfeha Hisuguha Bain Hametzarim" and the Holy Books (see Ohr Gedalyahu) explain that anyone who runs after Hashem to reconnect will finds it during these 3 weeks.

For today's Chizuk, I want to share with you a video interview with someone who was non-religious and experienced death, the after-life and his heavenly judgement, and how he was sent back down to earth and became a Ba'al Teshuvah. The video is in Hebrew with English subtitles. Special effects and sound were added, but the interview is all real. It is about an hour long but for the purposes of Chizuk in Shmiras Habris, the most important parts to watch are from the beginning until 17.40 minutes into the story. If you have even less time, please watch at least from 12.00 minutes and on, until 17.40 minutes.

Warning: This clip is liable to raise your level of Yiras Shamayim by 70%!

Download the zip file here (150 MB) that contains the video, along with a small program that will allow you to watch the Flash Video Format (in Vista it can be watched with Real Player as well, I think). The link will bring you to a page in (a company that allows for people to upload and share files). Wait for the page to load, scroll down, and click just once on the link called "Seal of". Then, wait a few seconds and the computer will ask if you wat to open or save the file. Press "Save" and direct it to the folder you want to save it in.