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Repair and Move on to Eternity

obormottel Friday, 03 March 2017

"Vechen taasu," Rashi: "im yoivad oy keshetaaseh klei bais olamim."

The Torah is giving instructions how to create a place where the Shechinah will rest, how to construct the necessary components. The Torah is telling you from the very beginning that you might need to fix broken keilim or replace lost ones. You will need the spare part inventory and the construction knowledge for all time. Do not expect to build it and never need to repair and reconstruct.

And by doing that, by constantly repairing and replacing, you will reach the state where what you create will no longer be temporary, like the portable Mishkan, rather it will be like the Bais Hamikdash - klei bais olamim, by staying in the fight and never giving up no matter what.