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Haoros l'parshas Terumah

obormottel Friday, 03 March 2017

The Kapores & its Keruvim were not fashioned as separate pieces and soldered together. Rather, they took a large chunk of gold & started banging at its core. The gold piles at the ends grew higher & higher and they sculpted them into the Keruvim. These Keruvim were the place from which Hashem's voice came forth. This is the place with the greatest hashro'as haShechina in the world!

We are all a chunk of metal. We are raw! We may need some beating at our middle, some molding & sculpting, but we will end up as the holiest of the holies! The place where Hashem dwells!


Daber el bnai yisroel v'yikchu li teruma.

The Ohr Hachaim Hakodosh asks why is there a Vav in V'yikchu? Vav mosef, what is the connection with the earlier words?

By speaking/shmoozing with other Yidden we become elevated to Hashem! (Teruma is a loshon of Ram = High)


V'habriach hatichon besoch hakrashim mavriach min hakatzeh el hakatzeh.(25:28)

Boruch shehecheyanu v'kiymanu v'higi'anu lazman hazeh!!!!

It is with much awe & wonder that I recognize another dimension to what Chazal teach us that everything is to be found in the Torah!

R' Chaim Vital (in the preface to Sefer Shaarei Kedusha) asks why midos are not in the Torah? He says, because midos are the FOUNDATION of the entire Torah. Without Midos it is impossible to be a Torah Jew!

The lessons that we learn in this great & holy GuardYourEyes Kehilla are the central support for everything that being a religious Jew entails. It is the thread that runs through all parts of the Torah; it is the seam that keeps it all together!

It is now a full cycle of the year that I was zoche to find a connection in every Parsha & most special days in the Jewish calendar.

A year ago I was upset at the person who referred me to this site. Why didn't he send me here earlier? He knew I had this problem! Now, after being a year over here, I have internalized part of the teachings that abound over here. (I still have a lot to learn!) We are taught to recognize that it is Hashem who is in control. He is the one put all the conditions in place for me to get down in the mud. He is the one is taking me out of that muck. He does everything at the time that He, in His infinite wisdom, deems appropriate.

I have a lot of gratitude to Hashem for bringing me here sooner rather than later! Hashem has an Eved ne'eman in our generation; I love the Heiliger Guard Shlita. We all wonder what great mitzvah he must have done to merit the gevaldiger zchus of the founding, leading, directing, organizing, moderating, administrating etc. of this great & holy site.

Even a talented person like Guard couldn't do it all on his own! There are no words to sufficiently express my appreciation toward all my chaveirim, pals, buddies, partners [& anything else you may call yourselves!] for making this site a fun place to hang out, an inspiration place to grow, & a Torah'dig place to learn. Megalgilim zchus al yedai zakai. Anyone who signs up for membership in this holy chevra is most definitely categorized as a Zakai!