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Mischanneled "Chesed"

GYE Corp. Thursday, 12 January 2012

Towards the end of the parsha, there is the section of arayos. In the pasuk about not having relations with a sister, the torah calls it a "chesed". Obviously this is a word that requires an explanation.

The Radak says that this word has 2 meanings - kindness and disgrace. The reason being that the disgrace of immorality stems from an over indulgence in the desire to give, to do chesed. Giving without restriction or constraint will lead to immorality.

For those of us who have encountered the disgrace of immorality, the Radak is telling us that it all stems from a burning desire to do chesed, to give. If we can channel it in the right direction and look after, this desire can help us give give give, but to the right causes.