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Don't Give Power to Flesh & Blood

GYE Corp. Thursday, 12 January 2012

A young man complained to the Kotzker that he was dominated by his wife. The kotzker replied that G-d had told Eve "To your husband shall be your desire, and he shall rule over you" If the first half of this statement is reversed, so is the second. [ Emet VeEmunah, page 21]

Explanation: "To your husband shall be your desire" means that the woman is supposed to "desire" her husband (her desire is more a desire of security, dependency etc.). But in today's society, the desires of man are often so strong so that he is the one "desiring" his wife rather than she desiring him. Perhaps that is why women wield so much power in today's society, and maybe that is why men no longer "rule" their homes like in the old days.

When we desire a woman for her body, we are making her into a form of Avodah Zara. We are deifying her. Tnu Oz Le'Elokim! Let us give power to Hashem instead - and not to flesh and blood.