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Keep the Mar out of Cheshvan

obormottel Friday, 12 October 2018
Keep the Mar out of Cheshvan

Dear friends,

Please let us not be tricked by this filthy stinking, ________(fill in the blank) menuval.

Yes, we know that during the Chagim, he tried to stick his foot in many times, because when there is greater kedushah (the yom tovim), then there is greater tumah, i.e. Mr. Menuval.

But, now we have finished with the chagim. Let us not forget that on one hand it was the Chagim that helped us. We tuned into the kedushah and ran from the tumah. We used the kedushah as a catalyst to jettison from his filthy grasps. Yes, he was still there, but at the same time, we had tremendous Kailim (tools) at our disposal.

Now as we enter the winter, back to the "chol," he will start once again to boggle our minds with worries, anxieties etc, and we will not have the kedushah of the yom tovim at our disposal.

He knows this!

So, my point is. Let us NOT let our guards down. Yes, we must be prepared for his new attack. He is thinking, "let's see what they can do now without the aid of the yom tovim. The kedushah has gone, but I am still here."

Dear friends, YES, lets us, in fact, show him what we can do. All of us together. Let's be prepared and be michazek ourselves and each other.We are NOT prepared to give in. NEVER. This is a different ball game now. We are here together, He CANNOT beat all of us together as a unit.

May Hashem help us that Mar Cheshvan will not turn out to be "MAR", but rather a "sweet" prelude to the lights of Kislev.