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Kedoshim Tiyhu - Be Holy!

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Rashi: Kol makom she'ata motzei geder ervah, sham ata motzei kedusha. The Viener Rav Shlita explains: Every place that a person sets for himself a boundary & a fence before the ervah, That is where he will find kedusha. It is the small steps that a person takes to keep himself pure and holy that make Hashem proud.

Every time we perform a mitzva we say: asher kideshanu b'mitzvosav, who sanctified us with his mitzvos... Installing a filter on a computer, signing up with an accountability software bring upon the person a MUCH GREATER level of kedusha!!! Even before it restrains him from an aveira, the installation itself is an act of placing a "geder ervah", a fence for aveiros. This is where YOU WILL FIND KEDUSHA!!!!!!!

The greatest fence may quite likely be joining GuardYourEyes and using the many tools and fences they suggest (see the handbook)!!