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GYE Corp. Wednesday, 18 January 2012

"Daber el kol adas bnei yisroel v'amarta aleihem kedoshim tiyhu ki Kadosh ani Hashem Elokeichem"

"Speak to the entire gathering of Bnei Yisroel and tell them to be holy, for I Hashem your G-d, am Holy."

This week's parsha really addresses the issues we struggle with.
The Parsha begins with a commandment "Kedoshim Tiyu - you shall be holy"
Says the Chiddushai Harim:
"Kedoshim Tihiyu" is a promise:

You will be holy!

It's a gevaldiger chizuk.

And the seforim add:

How do we know that we can attain holiness?
And if we may add:

In the environment that we live in, HOW is it at all POSSIBLE to attain holiness?
The answer lies in the pasuk: "KI KADOSH ANI"
Hashem says, "I am holy, and I have enough kedusha to share in ANY situation..."

And listen to this:

Chazal say:

"Hamikadesh atzmo me-at,
Mikadshin oso harbeh"

"One who is Mekadesh himself a little,

they are mekadesh him a LOT"

As much as previous generations had less opportunities to sin,

that is how much holier we can be!
So let us be Mechazek ourselves and say:

"Wow, we have so many opportunities to be mekadaish
ourselves a little bit!"

May we all find our place in Torah and realize that HKB"H gave us the ONLY WAY that a person can live as a HUMAN.

Yes, we are Yidden.

We can do it!


Good Shabbos!!

P.S. Say over this vort to someone you love