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GYE Corp. Monday, 16 January 2012

We all recognize those feelings of boredom, apathy and lethargy that often lead to browsing places we shouldn't, and which often leads to falls... B"H most guys on GYE have blocked YouTube with their filters, but where do we go when those feelings start to set in and we're looking for some entertainment in a Kosher way?

Good news. Yideotube is now hosting independent of Youtube!

Since 2009, YideoTube is providing a collection of quality screened entertaining videos for the Jewish community. On their website of, visitors enjoy browsing videos of interest by the categories desired such as a religious service, education, or comedy.YideoTube thrives in bringing together the best videos available on the World Wide Web into one place. To this point, YideoTube offers a collection of more than 10,000 videos with daily additions of new releases for over 20,000 daily-visitors.


Some background: A few months ago we sent an e-mail to yideotube as follows:

Hi. I am the founder of

There's an article in the LA Times today that mentions our work. It also mentions YideoTube a number of times. You can see the article on-line over here.

It's great that you guys are providing a kosher video site for frum people, but here's the thing. Many of us set our filters to block YouTube for obvious reasons. The problem is, we can't view any of the videos on your site because they all come from YouTube. I'm sure many others in the frum community share this problem.

Is there any way you guys could host your own videos? See this article from that talks about this very issue:

If you guys resolve this issue, we could advertise your site in our "Kosher-Isle" and I'm sure your website would get a LOT MORE frum traffic if it wasn't dependent on YouTube.

B"H they sent us an e-mail last week that they have finally implemented what we requested.

Warning: Some of the videos on Yideotube have women in them that are not fully tzanuah, such as news reporters and women in the background of some scenes. However, this is in a very small percentage of the videos, and only for a few seconds... and the site is still a thousand times better than YouTube!