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Shifting the Desire

GYE Corp. Monday, 16 January 2012

I have a NEW trick. It doesn't work ALL the time, but at least it's something. Triggers make us want to do something, right? So, every time I'm triggered, I gently shift the desire from lust to learning a Mishna from the Mishnayos that lies on my desk. For that moment, it works. And once we're off the track of desire, it's help it to stay off.

B"H I feel so much more connected to THE source of ALL Happiness than before. My learning has tripled in both quantity and quality.


GYE responded:

This is a great idea, Jack, because after a while, the Yetzer Hara will leave you alone. After all, he doesn't want you learning Mishnayos each time he bothers you! :-)