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True Freedom

GYE Corp. Sunday, 15 January 2012

Always remember to stay happy! The Yetzer Hara's biggest tool is depression and sadness. Working on one's self is not a "sad" and "confining" thing, but rather it should bring us tremendous joy that we have the merit to sacrifice our desires for the creator of the entire universe. If we take the time to think about G-d's greatness for just a few minutes each day, then, like a candle before a torch, we will feel a total bitul (self-annulment) and a true joy in being able to give G-d pleasure, by doing his will...

Someone who merits to give up his desires to G-d, experiences a great joy of freedom, like Chaza"l say "Ain Ben choirin ela mi she'osek batorah" (there is no free man like he who deals in the Torah). The Torah's way brings true freedom to a person. All the people of the world are bound like slaves to their desires. The tzadikim are the freest people on earth.