Thursday, 19 January 2012

Throw Away the Fear

by Steve (See all authors)

I am only human, so I'm expecting that someday I may slip too far and fall - although I don't want to. I BUT I'M NOT AFRAID OF THAT. Because the moments of weakness DON'T DEFINE ME. I AM THE GOOD GUY who's trying. It's the GOOD minutes, hours, and days that DEFINE ME, not the glitches. So if I fall one day, I'll have charata (regret), do Teshuva and try harder. BUT IT'S NOT GONNA DRAG ME DOWN, I'm gonna jump right back up and CONTINUE WHERE I LEFT OFF.

I don't look at it as STARTING OVER. I look at it as CONTINUING TO GROW from where I left off. (I am NOT using this as an EXCUSE to act out c"v, but as a way to feel GOOD about myself and not have ANXIETY in advance of whether I will act out one day or not. It takes away the "fear of flying".)

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