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There is No 'Long Haul'

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

I was having a conversation with someone from the forum and here is how it went: I said, "I believe in you", then he said, "I believe in me in short spurts, but not for the long haul"... It then occurred to me that we are in total agreement... Because there is no long haul... in fact "tomorrow" is a word we use to describe fiction; something that is not real and is not there... Tomorrow is no more real than July 27, 2306 is real... All we have is today and now, and that is all we can work at... And if day 1 is a miracle from Hashem, then so is day 56... And if day 135 is hard, it is no harder than day 2... The only thing we can work on is the only thing we have in our hands: Today... NOW... And if you believe you can work on yourself NOW and stay clean this second and this minute, then you believe in yourself.