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The King is in Town!

GYE Corp. Sunday, 29 January 2012

Simcha is a big key to breaking free. But how can be be'Simcha even at times where we feel no desire to stay clean and no motivation to serve Hashem?

Here's something I saw in a Chassidishe Sefer once. The simple fact that we know that there's a G-d in the world is alone a reason to rejoice, even if we are in a situation of apathy and feel no desire to serve Him. And here's a parable he writes: Imagine the king came to a small town in his kingdom, but he wanted his presence to remain secret. Only a select group of people were told that he was in town, and even fewer were asked to actually come and serve him. So if you were from those select people who were told that he is in town, surely you would still rejoice, even if you weren't from those who were chosen to serve him...

The same applies to our situation. From the billions of people in the world, how many are zoche to know that there is a king in the world? That alone is a big reason to rejoice, even if we were not yet given "permission" from above, so to speak, to be allowed in to serve Him.

And this sefer goes on to reveal the following secret: If the king sees that we rejoice just from the simple fact that we know He is "in town", He will then give us permission to come and serve him too! :-)