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The Jnet Mehadrin Filter

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Jnet Mehadrin Filter comes in three levels:

1.) Least sensitive - Begins blocking (i.e. blacking out or otherwise distorting) when a picture is 5% skin, blocks pictures completely if they are at least 25% skin.

2.) Intermediate Level - Begins blocking when a picture is 2% skin, blocks completely at 17%.

3.) Most sensitive - Begins blocking when a picture is 1% skin, blocks completely at 10%.

I started off with the intermediate level Mehadrin Filter. However, my wife is complaining that it's blocking pictures too much, making it difficult for her to shop online for clothing. Therefore, I am now trying the least sensitive level, which still blocks virtually all inappropriate pictures, while, hopefully, making things easier for my wife.