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Tailor-made Yetzer Horah

obormottel Friday, 23 March 2018

This week's Parsha begins with the word "Tzav" which means command. Why over here specifically did the Torah feel it necessary to command Aharon, while by other Korbanos it simply said "Daber" which means to speak?
Rashi explains that the Torah uses the word Tzav when it is afraid that the people will not listen. It, therefore, says it much stronger. "Make sure to listen!!" Since here we are discussing the Korban Olah which is completely burnt, and the Kohanim get no part in it, the Torah was afraid that they may not be so careful and they wouldn't do it right.
This is unbelievable!!! We should suspect that Aharon Hakohen would not perform the Avodah properly, because of a silly thing like not getting the meat of the Korban?!! This is AHARON HAKOHEN we are speaking about!!!

We can learn from here a very important lesson. We think that it is only us who suffer from the YH. The Gedolim, and the "really frum" people don't suffer from these disgusting things that we suffer from. It's only because of our lowliness that we deal with these problems. WAKE UP!!! Everybody suffers from their own YH. Even Aharon, the first Kohen Gadol and one of the greatest leaders in history, needed extra encouragement and support - the command "Tzav" - to ensure that he fulfill his role in Avodas Hashem.
I try to keep in mind that just because I do something terrible, and I have a very strong YH that I am fighting, does not make me unique. Every member of Klal Yisroel has their own special tailor-made YH. My job is to work to conquer and defeat him. And if I do that, then my Nisayon has elevated above the average member of this great nation.