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Is there a Shochet in the house??

GYE Corp. Sunday, 29 January 2012

In this week's parshas Tzav, we find the last shalsheles in the Torah (where the baal koreh reads a triple sound).

It appears on the word "vayishchat - and he slaughtered".


We find a shalsheles in the following 4 places in the Torah:

By the wife of Lot: "Viyismama - and she delayed"

By Eliezer: "Vayomer - and he said".

By Yosef: "Vayimaen - and he refused"

By Aharon: "Vayishchat - and he slaughtered".

The Torah is teaching us 4 ways to deal with the Yetzer Hara, in order:

"Vayismama" - Push him off. Tell him you'll give in to him later, but you're busy now.

"Vayomer" - Prayyyyyy. While he's gone, offer a sincere prayer to Hashem to be saved from him.

"Vayimaen" - HOLD baaaaaack!!! Hashem will help you.

"Vayishchat"!!!!! - and you will succeed in KILLING HIM!!!!!

At the end of the seder in Chad Gadya, after the Yetzer Hara slaughters the shochet,Hashem will slaughter the Yetzer Hara!


Good Shabbos,