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“Please Grow up, My Child”

the.guard Thursday, 21 May 2020
“Please Grow up, My Child”

If lust offered real happiness, would Hashem ask of His children to give up something really wonderful and precious?

But it’s not that the Satan offers us something good and Hashem just offers us something better. The Satan was simply given the power to fool us. He is just a master illusionist and offers us fantasy. But as soon as we try to grab it, it turns into smoke!

So all Hashem wants from us is to differentiate between fake and real. He's just asking us to grow up!

Someone who just started recovery posted on the forum recently:

It gets to a point that the shmutz doesn't excite you. All the sites are the same, they all promise the same thing. It's insanity to go back to it again and again and expect that "magical" image or video to fix us up once and for all… "Oh, here’s another website with another 6,000,000 videos and so many categories! Surely it's in there. I just need to be patient and persistent like a gold miner in the central USA, Just gotta tap, tap tap it. I'm gonna strike the jackpot soon!" Bad news folks, the gold's a lie. 6,000,000 videos are never enough, and the goalposts keep narrowing as we get sicker and sicker.