Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Much less than I thought

by Eye.nonymous (See all authors)

I've been trying to write down in my pocket calendar how many times I've looked at women in the street each day. I'm only counting if I see someone and keep on looking, or if I intentionally look around. I used to think this happens nearly a hundred times in a day. Now that I'm keeping track, I see it is much less than I thought. Yesterday I made about 4 check marks. Though I was more careful, because I was writing down my progress, the times I was challenged was incredibly less than I thought. So, I see two benefits of charting your progress.

1) With the 90 day chart on GYE, I had assumed that my falls with mas***n was once every few months. After I started keeping track, I realized it was much more often -- I NEEDED TO WORK ON THIS, AND I HAD IGNORED IT, THINKING I WAS DOING SO WELL.

2) And now with this personal chart to keep track of how many times I was looking at women, I THOUGHT IT HAPPENED SO MANY TIMES THAT I THOUGHT THE BATTLE WAS COMPLETELY HOPELESS. Now, I see it is much more manageable.

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