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Misinterpreting the Urge

GYE Corp. Monday, 23 January 2012

I remember reading once something in the Sefer "B'Nei Machshava Tova":

People think that we can't feel our soul. But in reality we CAN feel it, but we've been conditioned to misinterpret it. For example: Sometimes you feel uneasy. You try to eat something or take a nap to alleviate the discomfort. But afterwards, the snack or the nap didn't help! Because your soul is yearning! It wants something spiritual!

So I'm thinking that maybe lust is really the same thing. We've been totally conditioned that when we get this powerful urge, "I need to act out!" But, perhaps this is just our yearning for Hashem--misinterpreted. We really need D'veikus!

When I think I'm lusting I'm experiencing a very powerful desire, but in truth, IT'S NOT A DESIRE FOR LUST!!! I only think it is because I'm so used to thinking of it in this way. It's REALLY a desire for a huge "hisbodidus session" or something like that... It's REALLY a desire to connect to Hashem.

I find that thought very liberating...