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It's the evil one

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GYE Corp. Monday, 14 May 2012

"I have tried to stop over and over, but just can't seem to. I have even gone like 3 or 4 months without porn, but always the desire grows so strong that life seems too dull and worthless to live without being able to indulge in the viewing of women... "

We would like to address this phenomenon, where life seems so dull without the lust we are used to. This is a common emotional/chemical response to the mind having grown so addicted to this behavior. It is this aspect of the addiction which makes it so hard to stop even though we know we are destroying ourselves every time we give in. One helpful solution is SSRI medication, which takes off the edge of this feeling of "emptiness" when someone is trying to stop.

Another solution is to fight this feeling with the mind. Use this parable:

Some types of angler fish use a light on their head to attract prey right into their mouth. The little fish has strayed into deep waters and is cold, lonely and lost. Suddenly a little light appears. It looks calm and soothing, it looks like the light at the end of the tunnel. The fish is so attracted to this light - he can't stop himself - and WHAM, he's dinner!!

Those who have become addicted to this behavior have strayed into deep waters. They have become troubled, lonely and depressed. When a beautiful woman passes by, or when the lure of the girls on the internet beckons, he feels he must have this fix for his troubles... he feels desperate for the warmth, the lust... he just wants to let go - the light is beckoning.... But, NO! STOP!!!! It's the evil one! He wants to destroy you! It's all a trick! Don't fall for it, or you're a goner!