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Is it normal to become irritable with my partner when I'm trying to stay clean?

GYE Corp. Sunday, 15 January 2012

Q. I've tried quitting porn and masturbation before, but a funny thing happened - I got irritable and snappy toward my partner and surroundings. I then relapsed back into viewing porn and masturbation, because I didn't think becoming a nervous wreck was worth it.

A. Irritability is probably one of the more common side effects of the withdrawal process, and most recovering porn addict's will agree that it is a normal reaction to expect. Have you ever been around someone who is trying to quit coffee or cigarettes? Or worse, drugs or alcohol? It's not pretty. You are denying yourself something that you are conditioned to having and your body is reacting to it not being there. Porn addiction and masturbation work on the chemical level in the brain and when these chemicals are no longer present, your body reacts.

In combating this problem, many PA's have suggested working out new ways to relieve stress that are healthy and beneficial. The biggest one that's helped many is simple exercise. Start going for a walk every day, or go to a gym, etc. There are lots of thing you could do to get through that tough detox period.

After you have made it a month, many of these side effects will begin to wear off and lessen, and you will start to see that what you thought you needed and what you really need are not the same thing.