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How can the attribute of "laziness" be used for good?

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Every Midah (attribute) that Hashem created, can be used for either good or bad. How can the attribute of "laziness" be used for good? Well, one powerful way to fight the Yetzer Hara is simply to be LAZY about sinning. The Yetzer Hara wants us to act out, but what if we just say: "heck, I don't have strength for this. "Shev Ve'al Taseh Adif - sitting and doing nothing is better". That's using laziness in the RIGHT way.

The Medrash Yalkut Shemoni (click here) writes: "Who ever turns himself away from aveira (sin), then even if he is a Israelite, he is worthy of bringing a sacrifice on the alter like the Kohen Gadol"... "And who ever is lazy to sin and doesn't sin, he merits to enjoy the shine of the Shechina like the ministering angels".


"Mevakesh" replies to someone on the forum who had a fall:

In my book, failure is only when we fail to realize that we have slipped, and fail to muster the courage to start again. If one slips off the mountain, shrugs and walks away, he will never reach the summit. If one slips off the mountain, and resolves to climb again (yes, with better gear and with safety nets) then he hasn't failed at all. He has merely has taken a small detour, strengthened himself and made the summit all the more in reach now. It's his for the taking!!!

"MDM" responds as well:

"Mevakesh" does it again: to the point. Well, I myself fell through on the holy Chanukah days, which started so great. I was devastated and I could not calm myself and continued to indulge in these suicidal acts. Until my friends here made me realize that I still am on a higher rung of the ladder I was a few months ago. I decided to take this fall to greater height. No more using the internet for fun, except

The sefer "Zera Kodesh" explains that a smart person advances after a fall. He compares this to a ball thrower. The more he lowers his hand before the throw, the higher the ball will ascend.