Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Good Things Come in Their Time

by Ur-a-Jew (See all authors)

Heard a wonderful vort from Rabbi Yudin this morning that is particularly relevant to the addict. One of the root causes of the Egel was impetuousness, the bnei yisroel wanted instant gratification, which is usually the problem of the addict as well. We can't see tomorrow. If our wives are not satisfying us now we can't see past that and that tomorrow is another day. Or if we are down we need some porn to lift us up immediately. The mishkan was meant to teach us that good things come in their time. The mishkan was finished in record time in just two and half months (the day after Yom Kippur until Chanuka). But to teach bnei yisroel this lesson, it was not dedicated until three months later in Nissan.