Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fight-or-Flight vs. 'Trust

by Uri (See all authors)

The first thing that we absolutely must know is:

Our addiction does not come from a "higher than average" sex drive.
Our need for sex and lust stems from a deeper need.
When we are tempted to act out, we must understand that this is a reflection and a revelation of what is going on in our hearts:
A need for security, for love, for freedom from loneliness; a Need to feel alive.
The drive for lust is only a symptom of deeper unsettledness.

Many find it very helpful to touch this spot and bring it to light in therapy.
I would definitely suggest a therapist to 95% of the people I know.
It's just hard to understand what's going on inside of us on our own.

Our hearts desperately want to fully connect to life and people.
But we are afraid.
So our brain goes into what is known as "fight-or-flight" mode.
We go into defense mode; a safe place: The addiction, Sex, Lust, etc.

But the answer is, of course, to connect to our hearts and to these fears and insecurities, and learn how not to run and hide, but rather to trust.

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