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Do You Need Hashem NOW?

GYE Corp. Thursday, 29 December 2011

Chazal says, "Whoever has enough to eat today and says, 'What will I eat tomorrow?' such a person is lacking faith." Poshut pshat is that the person is lacking in faith because he is worried about tomorrow instead of relying on Hashem. The Kotzker, however, says a different pshat. The reason why he is lacking faith is because he is only worried about tomorrow. You think that the food in your hand today is really secure? In one minute Hashem can change that too. You have to rely on Hashem even for what you think you have today.

This is an important insight for recovery as well. People think, "I'm sober now, I'm not lusting, what do I have to worry? I'll read the chizzuk e-mail tomorrow when I feel like I'm lusting. I'll post tomorrow when I feel like I'm in need of help. I'm sober now, I don't really need Hashem now... After all, I'm not lusting right now. When I'm lusting I'll admit I'm powerless and turn it over to Hasem." Say Chazal: such a person lacks faith. We have to realize that we need Hashem every second, even when we feel sober and serene.