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Candeo Training Course

We received the following e-mail:

GYE Corp. Sunday, 25 December 2011

I came across your website and I think you are doing a great Chesed to all of Klal Yisrael. This is a very important issue.

There is a secular website which offers a training course on how to deal with pornography addiction. It is actually an online course and costs about 50 dollars per month. This is by far the best program I have ever seen on this issue and it was founded by Mark Kastleman, a world renown sex addiction psychologist.

For various reasons, I had to be separate from my wife for over a year. The Candeo program helped me deal with the lack of intimacy and the strong desires I started to exhibit after our marital separation.

I have to say, the program goes much further than sex/porn addiction; it really helps relationship building and helped me tremendously in rebuilding my marriage, my davening and connection to God. It also helped me realize that I had several obsessive compulsive tendencies which were impeding my relationship with my wife.

The program is broken down in 2 components. The first is a training course which takes several months to complete. This course includes exercises and assignments and uses multimedia presentations. It is absolutely fabulous. The second part is called Candeo Plus and deals with maintenance and relationship building.

The Candeo program offers fantastic solutions to people who live in a modern world and have exposure to constant sexual temptations by just going to work, going to school, walking the street, going on the computer and the likes. The solutions and techniques it offers are very much inline with observant Jewish thought. Although the program is not "religious" or "Jewish", it is clearly done by G-d fearing people who have a strong bend toward spirituality and cherish the Husband-wife relationship. The program is also exceptional for people like me, who are not sex addicts, but who work very hard to live a frum and kosher lifestyle while trying to live in a modern world full of temptation and find ourselves constantly bombarded with pornography and the like.

I also found the program very helpful in explaining these issues to my son, who is now a young teenager.