Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Be your own fan!

by True Ratzon (See all authors)

The fear of falling in the future often inhibits us from trying our best. But it occurred to me that the only reason I might fall is if I allow myself to fall. Nobody else will cause me to fall, nobody else can prove my inner desires futile, except for me.

So I feel that everyday I need to strongly remind myself that it's all up to me. I need to do an action every single day that will maintain my resolve to fight and keep growing every day because it's been eight years of fighting, and ever since joining GYE, this year has been my most successful fighting year. So I hope I can convince myself to always want to keep being clean and take it one day at a time.

Another point of chizuk is that I am a big baseball fan and I enjoy listening to WFAN sports radio 66. On the station recently, they constantly talk about how the Mets can improve and turn around their season. I thought to myself, just listen to the passion of these people on the radio to want to see their team win and keep improving. If only I could be my own fan and inject myself with good advice and motivation on a daily basis - and want myself to win, just as these fans want their team to win so dearly.

My plan is to post on this forum everyday and try to maintain my personal chizuk and give chizuk to others as well.

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