Yashuv V'Yashuv

by Yashuv V'Yashuv, Yosef Hatzadik (See all authors)

"Yashuv V'Yashuv" writes:

I'm going through a particularly difficult time at the moment. I am proud to say that I did once make it to day 90 on the charts, so I know I have that koach within me, but at the moment it's so hard to see it. I know that filters alone are not going to solve the problem - it's an addiction and I need to take the steps that have been proven to help with addiction. It's funny because when I first began receiving the GYE chizuk emails, I would read them and think - "Wow, B"H I'm not as bad off as them. I don't have an addiction". Little did I know that I wasn't being honest with myself and indeed I did have one. Maybe it's not as progressed as some of the stories I read on this site, but it's an addiction - something I keep coming back to, slips lead almost inevitably to falls, and the regular paths of Teshuva don't seem to work. My only hope is that HKB"H will help me through this. The words of R' Noach ring in my ears, "Does the Almighty want you to succeed? You bet. If He helped you out, do you think you could do it? You bet. So what are you waiting for!?"

"Yosef Hatzadik" replies:

Soon after I joined GYE, I embarked on a 113 day clean streak. When I fell and tried to restart, I couldn't get past a week or 10 days for a loooong time. But joining Duvid Chaim's 12 Step Group Call (& actually meeting some of the chevra face-to-face once) was the impetus for my current 111 days, Baruch Hashem!