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What's Working For Me

An e-mail we received from a non-religious man:

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 10 January 2012

To Guardyoureyes,

Thank you for helping me fight this habit and aiding me in my journey to improve myself. I have recently reached 90 days clean, without slips or falls. I am currently at 101 with only a small slip, and I hope to keep at it b"h.

I pray that I will keep improving. Being clean helped me work on improving other aspects in my life, though the way is still long. I am sure there will be many ups and downs and there are so many things that I would like to improve.

BTW I am not "religious". Through this website I have learned to understand and appreciate people I had no way of getting to know before. I didn't always agree with everything, but I learned a lot. We have a lot more in common than we think.

There are a few things I came about in my journey that were helpful for me and might help others:

1. Setting my browser's homepage to a book of Musar - it's easy to find online, and it's nice to have it open up whenever you open your browser. It helps create a positive atmosphere and reminds you the right perspectives about life and internet usage. Besides, you get to learn more Rambam or Pirkei Avot just by doing your everydaythings. I found that I didn't really need Google as a homepage since I can just use the search toolbar.

2. A photo of a loved one, family member etc. as a desktop wallpaper. BTW to put a bible or something you really hold dear on your actual desk (at least from time to time) is also a good idea.

3. Trying to always learn new things. Your website taught me a lot. It's important to try to develop every day, something I need to get better at. The main thing is doing it, not saying it - and understanding that the main thing is to try to do the right thing, no matter if you're up or down. Catching yourself when you're not productive and not positive and doing a few small good things is often as important as continuing a good streak of improvement by doing "big" things.

4. Setting Ad Block Plus - it makes all ads disappear (if it doesn't, you can use it to manually make them go away). This makes the internet a much nicer place.

5. I tried to keep everything clean and in order. Also, I stopped keeping tissue paper in my room, or at least near my computer. It sounds silly, but not having an accessible way to clean up helped me stay away from it altogether.

There is so much I still need to improve, and so much I hope to still learn, but I hope to gradually become better - in the long run and every moment separately. I wanted to write a thank you for quite some time...

Thanks again.