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On GYE, the Road to Recovery is Never Unlit

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 04 January 2012

I have spent the past week reading the struggles of other members on GYE. It is truly an honor to share my thoughts with some of these members. After reading through many of those that succeeded in overcoming their struggles, I have come to the realization that I can truly succeed with GYE as my vehicle on the road to recovery.

In truth, much of the inspiration that I do receive from the various members comes from those members that have not yet seen their efforts culminate successfully. Those that try over and over again offer inspiration to those that are first starting out on the tortuous road to recovery. While we all realize that it will not be an easy battle, it makes it all the much easier to see those that are up ahead of us leading the way. We are not being led blind, we see the results of those that have succeeded, and we can see those that are well on the way ahead of us. We can see those that have stopped on the side of the road. Some to take a quick break before loading up again, some have ran out of fuel, and some need some help getting their wheels rolling. Whatever it is, there is always the sight of a rescue team there with those people, that serves to reassure us so very much. The knowledge that help is never far away serves as a motivator to those that are teetering on the brink of the long road, those that are still just starting out, and even to those that are at full speed, yet need some reassurance and direction. Knowing that the road to recovery will never be unlit goes far in the mind of an addict.

For this I am truly thankful.